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Jane was born and raised in West Vancouver but has lived in the Cariboo, Alberta and Saskatchewan prior to settling in Osoyoos to practice veterinary medicine. Now retired, Jane loves to travel, and her main artistic focus is representational landscapes; she is inspired both by the variable local Okanagan vistas, and by the places she visits. Though she has had no formal art education, Jane has enjoyed improving her skills by taking a number of painting workshops given by notable BC artists, including Sheri Mitchell, Mike Svob, Sandy Albo, Bonnie Roberts, Suzanne Northcott and others, as well as still life classes by Kindrie Grove and Dennis Weber. Jane often sketches while travelling and enjoys capturing the scenery both outdoors and in the studio. She paints in watercolour, acrylic and oil. Although she finds inspiration all year round, because of the vibrant and bright colours found especially in autumn foliage, this is Jane’s favourite season to represent in her work. She is also developing her skills in portraiture (human and animals). Her work can be seen here and on the Osoyoos Arts Council site, as well as at locations around the Okanagan (for more information see the Galleries page). Jane can be contacted via email at

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