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Art Gallery Osoyoos

Jane's work can be seen in Art Gallery Osoyoos at the top of Main Street. Look out for seasonal exhibitions. More information can be found on the Arts Council Osoyoos website:

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Okanagan Art Gallery

Jane is a founding member of the Okanagan Art Gallery, located at the bottom of Main Street in Osoyoos. Displaying the work of more than 2 dozen talented local artists in a variety of mediums, OAG is an artists' co-op. All work is available for purchase- for more information please see the gallery's website.

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Out and About in Osoyoos

Jane's work can be seen in a number of venues in Osoyoos. If you are out and about, stop in to one of the small businesses on Main Street and take a look.

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Wearable Art

Take a look at the fusion of art and high fashion! Jane's work has been transformed into gorgeous scarves, pillows, totes and t-shirts. Even masks, new for 2021

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